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Leading consulting firm with expertise within Quick Response Manufacturing, Lean, Demand Flow Technology and Supply Chain Management. We tailor solutions to meet your challenges and implement radical changes to your organization that impact your bottom line and your customers.

Areas of expertise

Experts in business optimization within QRM, Lean, DFT and SCM

Quick Response Manufacturing

Business strategy with the purpose of reducing all lead-times for companies operating in a high mix/low volume environment


Philosophy that originates from Toyota, Lean is focused on reducing waste and creating pull/takt through standalizing systems 

Demand Flow Technology

With roots in Lean, Demand Flow Technology focuses on creating flow lines that accommodates multiple products 

Planning systems

Planning is often a big challenge for many companies, especially if operating in an environment with a lot of variability - we have simple solutions

Supply Chain Management

How you handle flow of material, information and money, is a very important part of creating a good business - we align and synchronize supply chains to meet the demand from customers

Sales and Operations Planning

To balance customers demand with capacity is crucial, but is very often a challenge for companies


Oil & Gas




Machine shops

Service and administration

End-to-end implementation

QRM Danmark are specialists in implementing end-to-end solutions
 - tailored for your company

At QRM Danmark we have specialized in implementing end-to-end solutions for our customers. We do not believe in the “one-size-fits-it-all” philosophy, but instead we understand that every company is different thus requiring a tailored solution where all methodologies and tools are in play. Which methodologies and tools are needed depends upon the company and the environment in which they operate. 

At QRM Danmark we have extensive knowledge and experience, which enables us to choose the correct methodologies and tools for your company and your situation.  

Design of administrative Q-ROC at Herning municipality to handle a chaotic planning and a desire to reduce case-handling time

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Design of QRM hybrid cell at OJ Electronics to gain competitive advantage by drastically reducing time-to-market

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Design of Supply Chain strategy at Nybo Workwear A/S to improve service level and reduce stock

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Design of QRM production-cell at VOLA to accommodate increased demand for customer specific products with short lead-time

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An end-to-end implementation with QRM Danmark consists of 5 phases. Throughout all 5 phases management- and employee involvement is key to success. 

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What areas do we work in?

Our aim is to reduce all lead-times!

We work with front end administrative areas linked to the customer – we work with product development and engineer to order teams – we work with all areas of manufacturing and assembly – we work with all areas of general administration

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